License & SVG FAQ’s

Everything you need to know about our cut files


How are the files formatted?

All our SVG listings are set as letter size (8.5×11 inches), this means that the .PNG file will be in that size or smaller depending on the size of the artwork piece and at 150 or 300 dpi.

If you need a different size, you can open the PDF or SVG file in Illustrator (or any other vector program) and re-size/export the artwork to the size you need.

What is an SVG file?

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. The files that contain the .svg file extension store two-dimensional graphics. It can be used in many different software, including but not limited to, Silhouette Studio, Cricut, Sure Cuts A Lot, Adobe Illustrator, etc.

How do I open SVG files?

To open the files you will need a cutting software such as (Silhouette Design Suite) or Adobe Illustrator.

If you need to convert the file to be opened in a different program we recommend that you download Inkscape. It is a vector based (FREE) program, like illustrator, from where you can open the SVG file and save it to a different format.

I have the default software for my Silhouette, which file do I use?

Silhouette comes with a basic edition of the “Silhouette Studio” software. This software does not support SVG files so you MUST use the DXF file, or trace the PNG image file after importing instead.

The Silhouette Studio Designer Edition software is the one that can open both SVG and DXF files, you can purchase it here.

How do I cut files that have color?

We have added color to some files to show an example of how you can cut them in different color vinyl or iron-on, the .PNG files will print with those colors, and you can separate the elements to cut them in different colors on the other formats.

In order to have them cut in different colors, you will need to cut on separate color sheets, we recommend you to watch this video tutorial by TheRhinestoneWorld for full instructions.

Can I sell items embellished with your files?

Yes! but please pay attention to the kind of License you will need. For most of them, you will need the extended license in order to sell products.

Custom and personalized orders

We are so sorry! but while we focus on developing our new products, we will not accept any custom orders, thank you so much for considering us! and make sure to follow us on social media for the announcement of when we start taking custom orders again 🙂

– Thank you!

Basic License


  • Print or cut this file for personal use.
  • List your items without giving direct credit for the artwork, but please do NOT list them as created (or hand-lettered) by you.
  • Promote your items on social media without giving full credit for the artwork, but if asked, please refer to @howjoyfulfiles


  • Share, gift, re-sell, or distribute our digital files via email, sharing websites, USB, or any other way.
  • Use this design printed as a stand-alone item for sale (Prints, cards, calendars, etc. or startup websites like CafePress, Zazzle, ) but you can use it to embellish other medias like mugs, totes, t-shirts, etc.
  • Create items for sale on Etsy that compete with the HowJoyful Shop products on Etsy, such as baby blankets or printable/printed wall art.
  • Alter, replicate, modify or create a direct derivate from this files with the purpose of re-selling. This includes using parts or elements included in our files to create new design pieces.
  • Print or cut this file to create items for sale, if that is the case, you will need an Extended Limited Commercial Use License

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