What's included?

You will receive a ZIP file with the following:

  • 1 SVG file
  • 1 DXF file
  • 1 PDF file
  • 1 PNG file with a transparent background
  • FREE Basic License (non-commercial) as an additional JPG file

All listings in this shop are instant download products. NO physical product will be shipped to you. Instead, you will be able to download the files after purchase confirmation. Because of the nature of this product, no refunds or cancellations are accepted after purchasing (you will have immediate access to the files).

This listing is for PERSONAL USE ONLY (or commercial use if you purchase the extended license option) this listing and files are not intended for mass production, please read our License agreement.

Basic personal license

Included with this file, you will receive a Basic use license that does not allow commercial use, the terms of this license are listed below:

You may

  • Print or cut this file for personal use only.
  • List the items you make using this file on social media (not to sell) without giving direct credit for the artwork, BUT please do NOT share them as designed (or lettered) by you if you are only embellishing it with my files. And if asked, please refer to @howjoyful or @howjoyfulfiles as the author of the artwork.

You may not

  • You may NOT share, gift, re-sell, or distribute our digital files via email, sharing websites, USB, or any other way.
  • You may NOT print or cut my files to create items for sale, if that is the case, you will need an Extended Limited Commercial Use License option.
  • You may NOT use any of my designs for POD (Print-on-Demand services) The commercial license does NOT allow you to do this.
  • You may NOT give away printed versions of my files, whether that is in a card or a wall print even if you make changes to it.
  • You may NOT alter, replicate, modify, or create a direct derivate from these files with the purpose of re-using or re-selling. This includes using parts or elements included in our files to create new design pieces.


I (Joy Kelley) and my business (HowJoyful Design Studio) are not liable nor responsible for trademark violations, while every effort is made to check that each of my designs is not infringing on new trademarked “words & quotes” that are filled every day, I only check a few classes.

Because digital files are in a completely different class than most items embellished with my designs, I AM NOT LIABLE or responsible if the products you select to place our design is registered or trademarked in a particular category. You are responsible for checking that the final product you are selling is free of any trademark in that particular class and to consult a lawyer if you have questions regarding the item you are making for sale.


Please note that no technical support is provided with this download. 

Mockup images are not included and are only intended to illustrate what you could do with the files.

Purchasing a digital file from our shop does not transfer reproduction rights, you are granted a Basic Limited Use License or Extended commercial license depending on your purchase. 

Joy Kelley from @howjoyful retains all rights, title, and ownership of the artwork.

Sample & details

These are INSTANT DOWNLOAD cutting files compatible with many cutting software/machines like Silhouette or Cameo. (You can test our files with this FREE sample file, before purchase) 

By purchasing this listing, you agree to our shop policies and all details listed above and included in our Basic and Extended Commercial License.

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