This bundle includes all 3 Sophia style workbooks. Learn this lovely Brush Calligraphy style of alphabet with this complete workbook, from the basics, to letters, and words. This workbook will help you make your practice more intentional to see progress faster!

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$ 29.99

REG $44.97

Why use Workbooks to learn?


It builds your muscle memory

When doing calligraphy one of the most important aspects to get consistent letters is to train your muscle memory. This way, when we write letters we will know exactly where to start our strokes and how to build better letters.


It shows where the thickness goes

Consistency and legibility are essential when writing. And letters just don't look like themselves when we place the thickness of the strokes in wrong places. My workbooks will show you exactly how to construct the strokes that make each letter, where to start, when to apply pressure and where to stop. So you can create them correctly and legibly.


They help you learn new styles

After we master the basic strokes and the basic alphabet, my style workbooks will teach you exactly how to achieve beautiful and different styles of alphabets.

More styles coming soon!

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Free tutorials

I just started a Youtube Channel where I plan to share tutorials and other videos about lettering calligraphy and some crafts sprinkled along the way!

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FREE Worksheets?

Looking to get started with free worksheets and resources?
Check out the Letter Vault in my blog to download free workbooks and worksheets, all you have to do to get instant access is subscribe to the HowJoyful Newsletter