Recommended supplies

All workbooks include the versions for iPad + Procreate and for printing + brush pens. For each of those options I've set up a list of recommended materials:

+ For use with a brush pen & paper

If you are going to print the workbook, I recommend printing just one copy ( in color if possible) – on any kind of print paper and use tracing paper to practice with your brush pens since this will save you on ink for your printing, and will protect your brush pens from fraying.

If using a paper pad (Like the Rhodia pad), I would recommend using a good lightbox to trace over your print. If you are printing copies to practice directly, I recommend using HP smooth paper, because it's way smoother and thicker than regular printing paper.

+ For use with an iPad

To make your practice as comfortable and focus as possible. Along with a JPG version of each of the worksheets included in this workbook. I also include a Procreate file that you can modify and add layers.

This workbook also includes the Procreate brush needed to create these letters. You will also get the exact instruction to set it up so you can see the same color differences depending on the pressure you apply. So you can know if you are making the correct motions.

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