Workbook Beginner Style

Learn this lovely Brush Calligraphy style of alphabet with this complete workbook, from the basics, to letters, and words. This workbook will help you make your practice more intentional to see progress faster!

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What is the Sophia Style?

Build your muscle memory with this lovely workbook featuring the Sophia style of letters inspires by the Sophia font by Blessed Print.

It features beautiful flourishes with oversized uppercases and dramatic thick and thins. A lovely Modern Calligraphy exemplar to level up your letters and practice.

Perfect to print and use them with small/ medium brush pens, or to use with your iPad and the Procreate app. The workbook is available as a multipage PDF and also single JPG files.

sophia calligraphy uppercase

Ready to supercharge your Practice?

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What makes this workbook so special?

This workbook was specially designed with beginners in mind. I used a pressure sensitive brush to create all the strokes, so you can see exactly where in the stroke you are supposed to start transitioning from thick to thin or vise versa.

All strokes are numbered and have directional arrows so you can see exactly where to begin and end.

If you are using your iPad, I provide instructions on how to set your brush to the same setting so you too can see the changes in color.

If you are printing them and using brush pens, it's also extremely helpful to see where strokes transition.

brush pens

What's included?

This workbook includes a total of 70 letter size (8.5″ by 11″) pages. After purchase you will will have instant access to a ZIP file that includes two folders, one with a multi-page PDF to print and a folder with the JPG files and the Procreate brush to use with your iPad, the included pages are:

Brush calligraphy core sheets (6 pages)

  • Introduction
  • Golden rule
  • Supply list
  • Stroke references

Brush calligraphy drills (X pages)

  • Basic strokes in single pages
  • All basics strokes in the same sheet
  • Lowercase letters in single pages
  • Uppercase letters in single page
  • Lowercase and uppercase in the same sheet
  • Numbers all together
  • Numbers in separate pages.
  • Positive Word practice 

Procreate Brush

  • 1 color sensitive brush set up at the exact size and color to match the worksheets. (In case you want to use them in your iPad)


  1. This is a digital download, this means that you will be able to download the files right after your purchase. Nothing will be shipped to you.
  2. All workbooks are for personal (non-commercial) use only.
  3. One-On-One email support is not included in this purchase.
  4. All workbooks are protected by digital copyright laws.
  5. If you want to gift this to a friend or loved one, please select the “purchase as gift” during checkout.
  6. Please do not pass along copies of this workbook, Thank you!

Would you like some FREE SAMPLE WORKSHEETS to test out? Just head over to my Letter Vault and get instant access.


Preview the included pages

Get a little preview of all the awesome pages included in this bundle, from the basics of brush pressure to the basic strokes, and different kinds of drill to help you level up your practice and your results!

Educational preview pages

educational pages

Basic strokes pages

Lowercase pages

Uppercase pages

Lowercase + uppercase combined pages

uppercase lowercase

Number pages

Positive words practice pages

positive words
sophia calligraphy uppercase

Workbook Beginner Style

XX pages of uniquely styled letters, endless fun!

Love & Reviews

There is nothing like hearing for the ones that are actually using the brushes, right? 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Joy's worksheets are the best and easiest way to see fast results when you practice. I tried for so long to start without knowing what to do, but now I have a clear path, and I'm so much more confident when I practice. “

Nicole Lucero

Nicole Lucero

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“I had been looking for a way to learn a style similar to the Sophia for such a long time, I really like how you build on skills and end up making letters and words”

Christina Lee

Recommended supplies

All workbooks include the versions for iPad + Procreate and for printing + brush pens. For each of those options I've set up a list of recommended materials:

+ For use with a brush pen & paper

If you are going to print the workbook, I recommend printing just one copy ( in color if possible) – on any kind of print paper and use tracing paper to practice with your brush pens since this will save you on ink for your printing, and will protect your brush pens from fraying.

If using a paper pad (Like the Rhodia pad), I would recommend using a good lightbox to trace over your print. If you are printing copies to practice directly, I recommend using HP smooth paper, because it's way smoother and thicker than regular printing paper.

+ For use with an iPad

To make your practice as comfortable and focus as possible. Along with a JPG version of each of the worksheets included in this workbook. I also include a Procreate file that you can modify and add layers.

This workbook also includes the Procreate brush needed to create these letters. You will also get the exact instruction to set it up so you can see the same color differences depending on the pressure you apply. So you can know if you are making the correct motions.

Workbook Beginner Style


REG $44.97

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Frequently asked questions

NO! I believe that if you get a workbook, you should be able to experience it in any available format possible.

All of our workbooks include the print multi-page PDF file as well as the Procreate file, the single JPG so you can import, AND the brush needed to practice.

You get ALL OF IT! in one purchase, and you also get lifetime updates. If I add anything to the workbook, you get the update for FREE.

Short answer, NO. You can print this workbook and use it with brush pens and paper.

If you plan to use it with the Procreate app, you will need an iPad that allows you to use either an apple pencil or a pressure-sensitive stylus.

The latest iPad Pro is only compatible with the 2nd generation apple pencil and allows for pressure sensitivity. 

For an extensive list of the latest Procreate version along with all the supported iPads, please check the FAQ's section of the Procreate website.

I cannot provide support or guarantee that this product will work on other tablets, or Apple iPad Models besides the 6th generation iPad and the iPad Pro. There are no refunds for digital products. Purchase at your own risk.

After you purchase you will receive a .ZIP file containing the .BRUSH file inside, you can either install it using a desktop and iPad, or only using the iPad for all the details on how to install, please visit the download help page.

Workbook Beginner Style

XX pages of uniquely styled letters, endless fun!