How do digital downloads work?

Select the listing you want, please refer to each listing for the size of paper and details.

Add it to your cart and checkout using your credit card or PayPal account.

Once your payment has been confirmed, you will receive a link to access the files.

Open the files and print them at home or your local print shop!

It's that easy!! Just print as many as you want! (we include printing instructions)

What kind of file will I get?
Files are multipage PDFs or high-resolution JPG depending on the product, they are all downloadable files, which means you will receive a link to download them in an automated email, then you can save them to your computer to print. We will NOT mail prints to you. To be able to print the file you will need to have Abobe Reader installed on your PC or MAC. There are different other options available depending on your operating system, but without a program that opens this kind of files you will not be able to print them. So we recommend you to test with some of the free files on the blog to make sure you have the right software.

Help for easy download

  1. We recommend creating an account BEFORE you purchase and making sure your EMAIL is correct, if your email is entered incorrectly, you will not be able to access the files.
  2. After you checkout, the files will be automatically available via a link in your confirmation email, you can also access them by logging into your account, having an account is mandatory so your files don't get lost, every time we update listings, you will have the latest versions in your account.
  3. Since the entire checkout-delivery process is automated emails can get lost in the spam folder or that place where the socks we can't find in the dryer go. So, if you’ve checked everything and still haven’t received your email, please don’t hesitate to contact me, just remember to add your order number and mention the products you just purchased, that way I can get it all sorted out for you.

Printing instructions to print Letter size files at home

  1. Open your file in a PDF viewer; a recent version of Adobe Reader is recommended.
  2. Click on File -> Print
  3. Select the pages you would like to print
  4. Make sure you select “None” for scaling options; you want your files to print at 100% size.
  5. Press “print”
  6. Always test on a single page first when you have multipage PDFs, to make sure the scale is correct.

Printing instructions for Large format files

Large format print or engineering prints (or Blueprints) are set to be printed at 48×36 inches, the easiest way to have them printed is by either

Ordering in person:

  1. Put the artwork on a flash drive and remember to also add the instructions/print release file page so they can see that you have the rights to print as many copies as you need.
  2. Take them personally to a STAPLES or KINKOS (make sure they do have a large printer that is capable of printing engineering prints or blueprints) If you are not sure just call them up and ask.
  3. Make sure you let them know the exact size, you can have it printed at a smaller size if you want too.

Ordering online:

  1. You just have to visit and go to their engineering prints page.
  2. Upload the files, place your order and wait for it to come in the mail!

Now THAT was easy! And the best part is that they cost about $8 for a 48×36 inches print in black and white.


All prices are in US dollars
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