Joyful Procreate Brush Calligraphy starter pack

21 handcrafted brushes to supercharge your use of the Procreate app in your iPad. I am sharing all my favorite brushes, the exact same ones I made to use with all my digital projects.

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What are Procreate brushes?

If you are not sure what this whole Procreate app and brushes buzz in the lettering community is here is the short and sweet answer:

Procreate is an app by Savage Interactive, you install it in your iPad to create digital lettering and calligraphy pieces. Very similar feeling and textures to the analog process but without the mess.

You are also able to create and install custom brushes, the ones in this bundle are my personal creation and favorites to work on my pieces to make products to sell, fonts and to license. 

Procreate has a great FAQ section that covers the latest version, supported iPads and more questions, I highly recommend checking it out.

Would you like some FREE SAMPLE BRUSHES to test out? Just head over to my Letter Vault and get instant access.


Ready to supercharge your iPad brushes?

Please remember to read our FAQ's section for additional information

What's included?

After you purchase you will be able to download a .ZIP file containing the following:


  1. This is a digital download, this means that you will be able to download the files right after your purchase. Nothing will be shipped to you.
  2. The brushes are for personal (non-commercial) use only.
  3. One-On-One email support is not included in this purchase.
  4. All brushes are protected by digital copyright laws.
  5. If you want to gift this to a friend or loved one, please select the “purchase as gift” during checkout.
  6. Please do not pass along copies of these brushes, Thank you!

Brushes in action

Scroll to the sides to see all the brushes in action, click on the images to make them larger.

Love & Reviews

There is nothing like hearing for the ones that are actually using the brushes, right? 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“If you’ve ever used Procreate for hand-lettering, you’ll know that it can be a struggle to get perfectly formed letters with the default brushes.  But with Joy’s brushes it’s so easy to get those letters right, especially getting the tricky transition from thick to thin lines.  And there are so many brushes in this bundle, it is hard to pick a favourite!”

little miss rose

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“I absolutely love the variety of brushes and the different textures that each one of them has. You call tell that they were crafted with love. The suave Calligraphy is my personal favorite because I like sharp and clean lines when I practice my drills, this brush is everything, I am so obsessed “

Nicole Lucero

Nicole @heymisscool

Joyful Procreate Brush Calligraphy starter pack


REG $32.99

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Frequently asked questions

These brushes are optimized to work with pressure sensitivity (except on the monoline brush), that is what allows us to create thin and thick lines when we apply pressure to the stylus.

This is the reason why we recommend using an apple pencil or a similar stylus that detects pressure sensitivity.

If the stylus you have doesn't recognize it, there would not be any difference in the thickness of the line when you press down.

You are responsible for making sure that your stylus has that feature.

I cannot provide support or guarantee that this product will work with other stylus that are not apple pencils on iPad Pro.

The latest iPad pro is only compatible with the 2nd generation apple pencil and allows for pressure sensitivity. 

For an extensive list of the latest Procreate version along with all the supported iPads, pleach check the FAQ's section of the Procreate website.

I cannot provide support or guarantee that this product will work on other tablets, or Apple iPad Models besides the 6th generation iPad and the iPad Pro. There is no refunds for digital products. Purchase at your own risk.

If you only want to install a single brush from the bundle, I recommend installing the .BRUSH file, if you want to install all of them the easiest way is to install the . BRUSHSET file, for additional information on how to install, please visit the Help page.

If you want to gift this to a friend or loved one, please select the “purchase as gift” option during checkout.

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Joyful Procreate Brush Calligraphy starter pack

21 Brushes, endless fun!

Please read over the shop policies to make an informed purchase. Contact me if you have further questions.

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